Founder of Centre4moods's Arvid Prigge. With over 20 years experience in facility management field, he has been responsible for various technical organizations in the profit and non-profit sector (LinkedIN).

Before he started Centre4moods he worked as Innovation Officer. Here his passion for applying modern techniques was born. Linking practical solutions with modern technologies is one of his motivations for founding Centre4moods.

He primilarly works on the basis of co-creation and continues to look for other angles. How can we make the world a better place and find new answers to existing questions.

The mission of his enterprising wife Marjo is prominently on the wall of the Slaapfabriek: Do not dream your life but live your dream.

This description not only fits Marjo, but also describes the inspiration for Arvid founding Centre4Moods. Their products have to make a difference and includes passion and quality.

He likes to add that he especially likes to work with nice people, that want to do nice things in co-creation. He connects like specialists together to find the 1 + 1 = 3.

The realization of the first 3D printed building in Europe with zero footprint on all extraordinary people is their initiative.